Sunday, November 4, 2007

I am 19

Back from Tapah Lata Kinjang Waterfall, we had dinner in Subang. Then we went back to INTI.
They, who went with the rented van, reached INTI earlier since they didnt go to the waterfall.

Reaching INTI, we stopped at Block B. Bibi's staying there. I thought that going to juz let her down then we were going to another block. Who knew that Sarabjit parked his car. And I was wondering what actually we were waiting for. Don't really care about that, I talked with Julia.
Bibi came to the car again, and Sarabjit asked us to come down and walked. It was so odd that all of sudden, Sarabjit asked us to walk. It was becoming more and more strange. I was suspecting... The wierdest thing was I saw Hweeli and Kaheng. They were walking so fast and avoinding to be seen by us. Somemore Dain came and talked to them outside of the car and then disappeared...

I was suspecting...
Walking with them, suddenly Sarabjit closed my eyes with his strong hands. I asked him to let me go and stop playing. Then I felt something hit me so hard. The next moment I realized that I was wet. It was balloon filled with water that hit me.

After Sarabjit let me go, I saw my frens coming with a cake. They were celebrating my birthday.

Ou, I was and am so touched. I always thought that my birthday is going to be the sadest birthday ever since most of them leave before my birthday and no one will celebrate my birthday.

Making a wish for my birthday and Wendy came and pour a pail of water on my head.

Weee... I was a wet chicken egg.

Then they pushed my head on to the cake while taking the candles out using my mouth.

This how the cake looked like after they pushed my head on it.

So funny was that Andy and Sarabjit ran to catch amiao for me. Then I applied the cream to her face. It was a funny thing that all of us won't forget. Imagine... 2 guys ran and chase her...


And I continued to chase everyone...

Finally everyone there was being applied the cake's cream by me... HOHOHO...

And I fed amiao to eat the cake...

Again we drank another bottle of wine...

Worse thing is that Julia spilled wine to my body... Gosh!!! I smelled like wine and cake.
Luckily they didn't go and buy eggs and threw me. Or else i would become the smelliest chicken egg EVER!!!

That was my birthday celebration on 1st November. It was one of the most unforgettable birthday i've ever had.

And today November 5, 2007 I am officially 19 years old. And also unexpectedly had another birthday celebration. Wendy brought secret recipe cheesecake which i craved for so long time as my birthday cake.
Hweeli and Wendy came and knocked on my door with the cake. Initially they planned to use webcam to show me. But then the connection was so slow that we couldn't connected. Then Hweeli and Wendy came with the cake. Unfortunately they had o knock for quite a long time coz i was watching with my earphone. Hehe...
Then Wendy, Hweeli, Dain and I finished the cake together. We went out for supper together. Although some of them couldn't join, they still wish me a happy birthday after all. Which I appreciated so much. Thanks a lot..

Thanks to everyone that has wish me happy birthday. And thanks for the presents.
Thank you

otw back from cameron

The way back from Cameron Highlands, again we had a very nice sleep. We stopped by Ipoh to had lunch (tauge chicken rice) and stopped by to have Old Town Coffee.

From Ipoh, we planned to go back straight to Nilai. Then Sarabjit asked us, who were in his car, whether we wanted to go to visit his hometown. He told us that there is a very nice waterfall there.

The waterfall is really nice. So much more nicer than the one we have in North Sumatra the Sipiso-piso waterfall.

Lata Kinjang Waterfall at Tapah

Here it is the Lata Kinjang Waterfall.
Thanks a lot to Sarabjit that had brought us there.
And sorry for the friends that used the rented van couldn't join us.
But i think we will go there again one day.
The scenery is too nice to be missed out.
So guys, wanna visit this waterfall?
We shud!!!

I am posing with the nice scenery of this amazing waterfall.
Playing water and posing for a while.

You should visit this waterfall. And i guarantee u that u will like it so much....

cameron trip

The next day after final, we went to Cameron Highlands. There were 2 cars. Sarabjit's and the other was the rental van. The van was nice and also the driver was a nice guy. Thanks to Mr.Albert.

All the way to Cameron Highlands, most of us slept so tightly. The most important thing is Kaheng farted... lol

Reached Cameron Highlands, we went to the cactus valley. Where u can find lotz and lotz of cactus.

Not wasting our time, we went to the strawberry park.

In this strawberry park, we can try lots of the strawberry dishes which are super nice...

strawberry milkshake

strawberry fried ice cream

strawberry waffle

strawberry yoghurt

lots of strawberry in the salad bar

Not only strawberry, u can also get this drink. It is the butterhead juice. It tastes quite nice, though some don't really like it.

After that, we went to the tea plantation own by B.O.H (stands for Best Of Highland according to Leehong). The scenery here is super nice. Wendy and I took lots and lots of pictures. Even we took picture in the toilet. LOL.

Dinner time, we went to have steamboat. Very nice to have steamboat in highlands. We drank wine as well sponsored by Mr. Albert. What a nice man, isn't he?

U might wonder what is it the black long thingy in the middle... It is actually filled by charcoal. This is actually to make the steamboat cooked faster.

Amiao drank wine and ended drunk.

Eventhough not too drunk but we knew that she was drunk. Coz of the way she talked non stop, it showed that she was drunk.

Her face turned red once she drank the wine. Funny amiao... LOL

After having extremely full dinner, we went back to the farm house we rented. Having the junks we bought.

And we drank another bottle of wine. Due to don't have any opener, Sarabjit had to use his tools to open the bottle.

Very nice pictures taken by Leehong.

The next morning we went to have breakfast in T cafe. A very unique cafe wif a very nice environment. The foods were not bad though.

chicken lasagna

Monday, October 29, 2007

TWO (2) months break

The suffering of Biochemistry has finally ended!!!
Although I know that I won't do well in this final, but having TWO months break makes me feel happy more than everything that can make me sad...
TWO months break!!!
TWO months break!!!
TWO months break!!!
Ok, after think for a while, TWO months break doesn't sound that cool. Coz i am going to rot at home for TWO months. Mold will grow all around my body. Yuck... Can't imagine that...
I should find daily activity to do in that TWO months. Or else i will juz sleep eat n watch. What a pig daily activity.
I have to stay in INTI till Nov 7 then only can go back. Gosh, nothing we can do here. Everyone must be leaving soon. It will be such a boring week.
Can't imagine how am i going to pass my birthday. Everyone has going back and i left here. Such a sad case. The more i think bout it the more i wanna go back earlier.
Now I've just realized that I have been absent from blogging for more than 1 month. Gosh!!!
Like what Leo always comment, THIS BLOG IS REALLY DEAD...
What to do... INTI student is always busy... LOL...
Well, to pay for my absence for quite a period of time, I will utilize this 1 week time to blog. Hopefully I will post everyday. (Wendy must be very happy of this)
Ok... Now I am running out of words... ;p
To be continued...........

Saturday, September 22, 2007


First of all, I would like to say :

Happy 19th Birthday

To : Wendy Liu

Have been absent from blogging for so long... And also always being reminded by Wendy to update my blog and yet I kept on forget about it. But, today is your special day. So I update it as my promise. =)
As you all see, my title is : No Hope = No DISAPPOINTMENT
I pick those words from a drama that I watched. One of the character said that she didn't want to have hope so that she wouldn't feel the disappoinment.
What do you think??? Do you agree with this statement???
I kept on thinking about this statement. It is not only after I watched that drama then only I thought of that. It has been in my mind since so long time ago.

Sometimes, I felt that it is better not to hope. Because if in the end the things didn't go as it was wished, the feeling of disappoinment would come. For some people will feel so empty. It feels like there is no determination to go to.

On the other side, hope is a very important factor for people to have their life full of meaning. Having hope is when people will do their best to get what they wished. Maybe the way to get what they were hoping, is not easy. But during that journey, they can learn a lot of things. That is why the life will become meaningful.
Sometimes, I didn't dare to hope because I don't want to feel the feeling of disappointment.
And in this moment, I don't dare to hope to much.
Instead of hoping, I'll do my best to get what I can achieve.
Instead of dreaming, I'll do my best to face the reality.
Eventhough, I also might not get what I aim.
Eventhough, the feeling of disappointment is very painful, I will still do my best.
Because that is the only thing that I can do now.

That is my opinion. How about yours?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nightmare comes ALIVE

August 1, 2007

It was the day of my presentation. I had Computing subject that required us to present the topic of our assignment. Since the night before, I had been doing it in my partner's room. My partner is Deepa. I brought my laptop to her room and we did together.

Till it was nearly 00.00 am in the morning, which means it was august 1, I was called by Andy to went down to celebrate my friend (Steven) birthday. So i rushed down from Deepa's room and found Diana and we went to Dining Hall together. We were celebrating his birthday in a hurry, because we had presentation to be prepared, while the birthday person himself had 2 tests to study. But the celebration was fun. As tradition, we put cake's cream on his face.

Everything was just fine till the celebration was over. Then the nightmare was started to be ALIVED.

I went back to Deepa's room. She was sleeping and has finished her part. I started my laptop because it had been in standby mode. When I on it, I saw my friend (Chandra) had sent me a folder of picture. But it had been canceled because I was not around to receive it and had signed out automatically. So, I closed the window and wanted to online again. So, I clicked on the Internet Explorer icon. But somehow it was not functioning and came out something said that the program was not found. Then I wanted to open the file that Deepa had done from pendrive. Same thing happenned. The file couldn't be openned. Then I thought that there was something wrong with the pendrive. Deepa helped me to check it in Hweeli's laptop. It was functioning. Everything was fine. That meant the problem was on my laptop and not the pendrive. Then crossed in my mind that Andy told Diana before he had received such a folder before and it was a virus. My laptop was affected by the virus. But how can? Because I was not around to receive the file and somemore the sending of the file had been canceled by itself. A big question in my mind.

It was about six hours before my presentation and i had not finished my slide show. I needed someone's help in slide show because neither Deepa nor I are good in powerpoint. So, I rushed down to the common area and found Diana, Ivy, Pearlyn and Jason there. I asked whether they had any free laptop that i could use. Same as me, they were doing the assignment as well. Then I called Andy and asked him if he could borrow me his laptop. Luckily he had finished and he was not using it. I got his laptop from him and faster did it in the common area with them.

I was sa stresses that I scared I couldn't finish the assignment and the slide show. I was nearly to give up and wanted to stop doing. But I quickly threw that kind of thought from my mind. It was not my assignment only. I had my partner to be considered as well. Then with their help on slide show, I could finish it.

I was checking this and that till 6 in the morning then i walked back to my room with Diana and slept for 30 minutes. Then I had my shower and dressed up. Deepa had been waiting for me outside my block. So, I walked with her and Diana. Reaching basketball court, crossed in my mind that I forgot to bring my hardcopy. It was nearly 8 o'clock. And i needed that hardcopy to be handed in. There was no choice. I should go back to my room to get it. But I was wearing heels. It was impossible for me to run or even walked fast on heels.

So, the craziest thing I've ever done in my life; I took off my heels and run back to my block with bare feet. Everyone along the road was looking at me running bare feet. It was really embarrassing. But nothing I could do. I was going to late and I needed to went back to my room to get my hardcopy.

I reached my room and got the hardcopy. I changed my heels with sandals so that I could walk fast. But I still bring my heels along cause I needed it for my presentation. I rushed to the academic block. I walked fast and was about to reach the class. Then I wondered why there was no one outside the classroom. Normally before the lecturer had come, mostly of my classmates will go outside of the classroom. So I thought what day was that day. It was Wednesday. And the class was not supossed to be there. It was at the other block. I walked to Block B and the class was at Block A. Then I rushed to Block A.

Reached the class and luckily the lecturer was not there. She was late. I was so tired because of rush here and there. I changed my sandals with heels and rested for a while till the lecturer came. She came in and on the computer and sit in front and said "OK. First group"

I was thinking "Oh my God. I was so tired of rushing here and there. And now she straight away called my group to present". Then me and Deepa went out to present.

The presentation was not good. She looked not happy of our presentation. It was just added another nightmare of mine.
What made it worse was the result of the test that she gave us. It was really BAD.
Then after the class was over, I went back to take brunch with my friends. Then went back to my room to rest for a while, but who knows, the moment I wake up is 5.30 pm. That was when Wey Kay knock on my door to borrow something. And my class was supossed to be at 12.00pm.
So I asked Diana if the lecturer had given any assignment or not. Luckily there was not any assignment. So, I laid down again and FAINTED again.
The next moment I wake up was 7.30 pm. It was amiao (Catherine) that knock on my door and asked me to go out for dinner. Thinking not to join but then she insisted on asking me out. So, I went out till 9.30 pm. I didn't had my dinner though.
When I came back to my room. Diana asked me whether I wanted to go out for dinner with Steven and my other friends. Since it was his birthday, I agreed to go.
And I had my dinner with them.
That was the end of the day when my NIGHTMARE came ALIVE.
And I won't blog till the beginning of new sem. It was around the beginning of september.
So, don't miss me a lot... hahaha... =p

Saturday, July 14, 2007

lizard terror

Saturday July 14,2007.
It was a normal day and was passed normally. I had my lunch with amiao (Catherine), cooked ourselves since we took vegetarian. It was macaroni and spiral pasta. We mixed them together and cooked it with carrot and egg. It tasted not bad, quite nice. And it was not oily at all. We had apple and pear as our dessert. What a healthy lunch...

Whereas for dinner, we had the same dish. We cooked the same thing for our dinner. Wendy was joining us for it (I was so happy that i had a chance to force her to eat). So we think that we were lacking of egg. Then i walked till block R to ask my frens whether they had extra egg left. They were cooking as well. They were cooking nasi Briyani. It smelled so nice. Tempting me to try. Since i was taking vegetarian then i didn't try it. And my energy used to walk till block R was useless. They had no more egg left. So i walked back to my block.

We cooked and Wendy came with her tebaloi. It was a biscuit, which was made of sago, from Miri. It tasted nice. So, we managed to finish the dinner with apples, pears and tebaloi as dessert. Diana was with us in the pantry. Though she was not joining us for dinner but she was joining us for dessert. LOL..

We chat for quite a long time. And we found out something from Amiao. LOL. It was so funny. But i couldn't tell you all here or else later amiao will kill me. haha.
Then Amiao came out a crazy idea. She asked whether we want to go to McD at 4 am for the breakfast set since she still has car here. Then we agreed. So, we asked the other. There were quite a number of my frens aggreed to go.

Sunday July 15, 2007

It was a few minutes pass 12 am. Hweeli, Julia, Kaheng and I went out for drink in Bistro Palma. We chat and chat. Three of us were forcing Bobo (kaheng) to order something to eat. He didn't eat anything but biscuits for the whole day. He managed to finish the whole packet of Julie's biscuit himself. What a crazy guy. Somehow, we didn't manage to force him to eat. Somemore, he went to Times (a mini supermarket) to buy a packet of chips. He is super SIAO.
Then not long after that, Jason came and join us. We chat till 1.30 am. Then we walked back.

I was not in the mood to go back to my room because if i went back there, I would chat and chat and chat non stop. So I decided to go common area and study Genetics there. Hweeli and Kaheng joined me. Till 3 am, Julia came down with his Tarot card. We played that. I asked quite a lot of questions. But since it was Tarot, it was only card. I don't really trust it 100%. So, just take it as a game to play.

It was nearly 4 am, time to go out for early breakfast. Everyone was going to Block R common room. There was a few of them never showed up because has slept. Finally, there were 8 of us going. Amiao and Errol drove. We reached there and had our breakfast. Chat and telling jokes and laugh.

Hweeli was too shy to take pic =p

Then we came back and i went to Amiao's room. Continued study because couldn't sleep. I was so full. I was studying studying till couldn't stand and slept on the table. When i woke up, it was 7.30 am. And amiao was felt asleep on her bed with her notes in her hand. So, i went out from the room quietly and locked the door and back to my room. Diana was not sleeping, she was studying. But i couldn't stand the feeling of sleepy. So i just lay down on my bed and faint (Hweeli's word). LOL.
I woke up at 12 pm because of my alarm. Diana was still sleeping. So i got up and on my computer. Signed in msn and friendster. Then suddenly my phone rang. It was Amiao. I wondered why did she call me. Our room was so near. She can come anytime she want. So i answered her call to find out. This was our conversation :
Vely : Halo...
Amiao : Halo, neng ar... got lizard in my room...
Vely : HA?
Amiao : got lizard in my room... (with her scared sound)
Vely : OK OK..
I went to her room and she was standing there looked so scared with her drawers open. So i asked her where the lizard was. It was inside the drawer. She moved and shaked all the things inside to get rid of it. Then i helped her to take all the clothes out. Finally it came out. It jumped out and amiao was got shock of it. She throw the broom from her hand to the floor and jumped to her roommate bed. It was so funny. I looked at her and laughed. so we still tried to get rid that lizard from the room.
It moved from place to place. From Amiao's shoes to Kay's shoes. When it was moving and passing trough us, we were screaming and jumping to the bed.
Then i moved Kay's shoes and it hide under the paper. So i swept the paper out. But nothing happenned. We didn't see any lizard out from it. So we thought that it was still inside the room. We shaked Kay's shoes and nothing happened. Then Amiao went out with the broom in her hand and swept the paper away. Then the lizard came out from it and She got shock and threw the broom away from her hand and scream. I was inside the room. Then she went inside and i swept the paper and the lizard far far away from the room.
It was a funny experience with amiao. A nice thing to share. hehe.. ;p